PhD defence N. Bloemendaal

VU Aula

Weathering the Storm: Tropical Cyclone Risk under Climate Change PhD defence by N. Bloemendaal Faculty of Science Supervisors: Prof. J.C.J.H. Aerts Dr H. de Moel Dr […]

PhD defense Wendy Jesse

VU Aula

Biodiversity in a globalized world PhD defense by Wendy Jesse, Section Ecology and Evolution Supervisor Prof.dr. Jacintha Ellers Co-supervisor Dr. Matthew Helmus

PhD defense Hoàng Ha


Mining endophytic bacteria from Robusta coffee of Vietnam for antimicrobial and anti-nematode compounds PhD defense by Hoàng Ha, Section Ecology and Evolution Supervisor Prof.dr. Bram Brouwer […]

PhD defense Mengmeng Xu


Finding the target: Exploring the toxicity of perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHxS) in zebrafish embryos using untargeted lipidomics and metabolomics PhD defense by Mengmeng Xu, Environment & Health Supervisor […]

PhD defense Christiaan Hummel

VU Aula

The use of the Ecosystem Services approach in Protected Area management PhD defense by Christiaan Hummel, Section Ecology and Evolution Supervisor Prof.dr. Jaap van der Meer […]

PhD defense Ruben Bakker

VU Aula

Toxicogenomic Fingerprint Identification in Springtails to Assess Pesticide-Contaminated Soils PhD defense by Ruben Bakker, Section Ecology and Evolution Supervisor Kees van Gestel Prof.dr. Jacintha Ellers […]

PhD Defense Ruud Rijkers


Temperature adaptation of soil bacterial communities across the Arctic PhD defense by Ruud Rijkers, Section Systems Ecology Supervisor Prof.dr. Rien Aerts Co-supervisor Dr. James Weedon