A-LIFE’s microbiologist Remco Kort puts Planetary Health on the agenda

Last week, the ARTIS Planetary Health Congress took place. A-LIFE's microbiologist Remco Kort was in the organizing committee of this event and it was a great […]

Joris Koene wins a Bio-Art & Design (BAD) award titled “re-c(O)unting”

A-LIFE's Joris Koene, together with artists Pamela Varela and Ella Hebendanz, won a Bio-Art & Design (BAD) award titled “re-c(O)unting”. The project is about recounting, reframing […]

Professor of Evolutionary Biology Toby Kiers wins the NWO Spinoza Prize

Professor of Evolutionary Biology Toby Kiers has been awarded the NWO Spinoza Prize for her groundbreaking research on the symbiotic partnerships between fungi and plants. She […]

ZonMw Pearl for groundbreaking research into microplastics in the placenta

The study of microplastics in placenta and their effects, led by Prof. Juliette Legler, has been awarded a ZonMw Pearl award because “it is a textbook […]

A-LIFE master students win two prizes at Zoology 2023

Last week, zoologists from The Netherlands and Belgium celebrated 150 years of Zoology in The Netherlands at the Zoology conference in Leiden (Zoology 2023). During this […]

Ad Valvas: Hans Cornelissen tells about his research on the unique VU roof garden

The platform Ad Valvas writes about A-LIFEs Hans Cornelissen who gave guided tours on the roof garden of the VU Main Building during the 'Week of […]

Insight into structure and function of a membrane protein assembly factor

A-LIFE researchers Hojjat Ghasemi Goojani and Dirk Bald joined an international collaborative effort led by the Max Planck Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt to investigate a […]

Matty Berg at Vroege Vogels: New major research on riparian biodiversity

As of March 1 2023, fertilizer rules for farmers have been tightened very quickly. Farmers have to create a fertilizer-free buffer zone at the shore of […]

PhD project: Hazard assessment of transformation products during advanced water treatments

The removal of micropollutants in water can lead to the formation of transformation products (TPs) that can have potentially harmful effects. A comprehensive assessment of water […]

A new method for the investigation of membrane proteins

In a collaboration between Delft University of Technology (PI: Duncan McMillan), University of Osaka (PI: Christoph Gerle), and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (PI: Dirk Bald), a new […]

Jurgen Haanstra got a project funded in the ZonMw Open Competition

Jurgen Haanstra received a grant of € 750.000,- in the ZonMw Open Competition together with Ruud Brakenhoff from Amsterdam UMC-Cancer Center Amsterdam (A-UMC-CCA). The ZonMw Open […]

Ecology Master’s student Sanne Bethe wins Unilever Research Prize 2022

Ecology Master’s student Sanne Bethe has won the Unilever Research Prize 2022, together with twelve others. She researched the positive influence of the larvae of the […]