ZonMw Pearl for groundbreaking research into microplastics in the placenta

From left to right: Marja Lamoree (VU), Dick Vethaak (VU), Juliette Legler (UU), Hanna Dusza (UU)

The study of microplastics in placenta and their effects, led by Prof. Juliette Legler, has been awarded a ZonMw Pearl award because “it is a textbook example of how multidisciplinary collaboration can quickly achieve a breakthrough”. The Pearl has been awarded to all consortium members for their crucial contributions, including A-LIFE technicians and researchers Martin van Velzen, Sandra Nijmeijer, Douwe Molenaar, Dick Vethaak and Marja Lamoree and external colleagues Gavin ten Tusscher (pediatrician Dijklander Ziekenhuis, Hoorn) and Heather Leslie. Click here for more information.