Joris Koene wins a Bio-Art & Design (BAD) award titled “re-c(O)unting”

A-LIFE’s Joris Koene, together with artists Pamela Varela and Ella Hebendanz, won a Bio-Art & Design (BAD) award titled “re-c(O)unting”. The project is about recounting, reframing and rephrasing how animals (including humans) influence and inform each other via socially transferred materials (biological ‘data transmitters’) such as milk, eggs, saliva, and semen, using a cyberfeminist perspective. Drawing inspiration from hermaphroditism, their performance art project deliberately moves away from the still-dominant Western, patriarchal, colonial and binary perspectives on human physiology. The result will premiere in December at MU Hybrid Art House.

Note that this month you can vote for the BAD Audience award, for which another project of Joris; “Rainbow Beings”, with Dae Uk Kim, is still in the running. You can vote here.